People often ask us, "what sets you apart from the competition?" It's simple . . . Guaranteed Results.

TogetherMD believes in the power of collaboration. 

We start by identifying cost, reimbursement and quality improvement opportunities through a quantitative and qualitative data analysis project and then using that data collaborate with providers to craft and sequence an implementation plan to achieve desired results. We then implement the plan working side-by-side with the hospital administrators and physicians to reach the agreed upon goals.

Through consultant & provider collaboration, a proprietary universal charge master/benchmarking software platform and a world-class implementation team desired outcomes are quickly achieved.

After reaching the desired state, we then deploy an ongoing KPI tracking platform to ensure the organization doesn’t regress to the original state.

Based on our track record, we are so confident in our ability to achieve desired results we offer a money back guarantee.  If your organization doesn’t achieve the agreed upon ROI then there is no charge for our services.